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Goldwell Topchic

Goldwell Topchic Permanet Hair Colour offers a variety of shades, full coverage & long wear!  Leaving no limits, topchic colour includes IntraLipid patented technology insuring shine like you wouldn’t believe.  What is IntraLipid mean?  Well, essentially, the formula includes lipids (fat) which fill your hair – leaving hair feeling both full as well has adding that extra heath!

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Goldwell Colorance

Colorance is a demi-permanent haircolor you always have a versatile, easy to use and reliable partner on your side.
It will enable you to achieve exactly the color results that you want.  Should you love to express yourself and show the different facets of your personality this Demi-permanent is right for you.   Feeling happy, dramatic, sexy or playful – however your mood is – always getting the perfect color results, that’s what you desires.








KMS + Goldwell


Only the BEST products in the market are available to our clients! We strive for excellence within the salon through the work our hands do, but we don’t stop there – we make sure it follows you home and continues to maintain the best hair integrity possible! Pick up your KMS/Goldwell product today!





The Olaplex Difference

Olaplex simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.  You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. This product, unlike any other in the market, allows us inside Halo to push limits, over exceed boundaries and achieve ANYTHING.  Thinking of going blonde? Don’t think to much – with Olaplex, blonde hair is around the corner.


Keratin Smoothing System



With an exclusive Amino Acid Complex called Carbo-C, Agave Smoothing gently alters the hair’s disulphide bonds, reforming them to make the hair sleek & smooth. Agave plant sugars help hydrate & condition. … The hair shine is significantly higher than formaldehyde treated hair.

Agave is a Keratin Smoothing Treatment which smooths out any frizz and cuts blow-dry time IN HALF! If you suffer from unruly, frizzy hair – this service may be for you!

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