Meet the Team

Mairella Colucci
Owner of Salon Halo & Spa / Owner of Reconnection Spa


           Mariella absolutely lives by the theories presented in these workshops!
Being able to share this secret with the world has become the best, most rewarding gift she has been blessed to give.  Through her experience, this journey has presented itself in the most beneficial way.  Having been a hairstylist since 1986, and owning her own business since 1999, people skills have become second nature to Mariella, but not in the same regard as others.  She cares with her full heart about each and every being she encounters – spreading love and happiness across all landscapes she crosses.

           The new chapter of co-owning the Reconnection Spa is not for only her, but for all those who may need guidance and advice.  As co-owner, she will be present and strive for the utmost perfection in the ultimate desire to change the world.


There are only two feelings, Love and Fear
There are only two languages, Love and Fear
There are only two activities, Love and Fear
There are only two motives, two procedures,
two frameworks, two results.
Love and Fear. Love and Fear
– Michael Leunig


Catarina Amaral


Caterina is a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, offers Tibetan Energy Massage, Empowering Healing Circles and Angel Therapy Workshops.  Feel free to follow the links below to learn more about her and her admirable journey.


You believe you have the power within you to move mountains.
Your soul KNOWS it has the power within you to move the world.
-Todd Acamesis