Our Journey








Halo Reconnection Spa,

Hi, I am Mariella Colucci and owner of halo Reconnection Spa.  In today`s society, there are spas at every corner, but none like mine.

I opened the spa because of my own journey, a while ago, I lost connection with myself finding myself simply going through the motions of life always wondering if there was more. What happened next was extreme exciting! Through plenty of soul searching , I broke through with a new and amazing appreciation for every entity the universe could possibly offer me. With the use of books, Reiki, workshops and personal life coaching things became clearer and instead of indulging in the negative aspects of the world, only positivity seemed to follow me everywhere. This is how my journey started, but it did not end here.

Soon after this realization, i was able to offer an Omega Workshop and that was where my biggest shift occurred. I was blessed to meet an amazing teachers Mrs. Anna Frances and with her I was able to both offer courses to others and participated in them as well. Giving the opportunity to those around me who resembled my own troubles gave me the greatest gift. i wanted to be apart of helping these individuals find themselves and reconnect.

Having eleven classes under the belt, hours in workshops and Anne as my personal life coach. I became one with the universe and found so much peace. Having said all that, Halo Reconnection Spa has become my effort in paying it forward to help others. If any of this sounds familiar to you and your`er ready to change your life HAlo Reconnection Spa is the waiting for you!

Mariella Colucci