Manifesting Money and all else you want.
3 hrs (10 am - 1pm) $48 (taxes included)

Why it isn't working now? What's the secret left out and how to really get what you want. Tried affirmations and they don't work? Find out why and how to change it immediately. How emotions, the mind and the body play a key role in manifesting.

What does the body have to do within manifesting?

How your thinking is presently keeping you stuck and how and what to do to shift it immediately to see results within 24-48 hours!

How to influence others in an ethical way!

How to have a healthy mind.
3 hrs (10 am - 1pin) $48 (taxes included)

It Starts with the mind! Let us show you how to receive all you desire by manifestation.   

What to do and how to do it.
How to think yourself out of stress and illness.
How to get yourself to work out, eat healthier and all else you want in an easy effortless way that is FUN,

How to lose weight easily.
How to eat healthier and feel energetic.
Any desire achievable - Tools Galore.

Energy medicine for women.
3 hrs (10 am - 1pm) $48 (taxes included)

- Working with your Hormones
- Sexuality, Fertility and Birth
- Menopause: How to prepare and how to remedy it.
- Weight Management Tips
- Techniques for Health and Vitality
Gateway to the second prime of your life.
Inner child workshop.
3 hrs (10 am 1pm) $48 (taxes included)

- How to move past and heal fears.
- Inherited beliefs and programming from ancestors.  In utero and childhood.
-  How to be joyful again.
- Regain what you lost as a little child.  See how your inner child is holding you back.   Make peace with your inner hold and live a no holds barred life! Inner child Meditation to experience and integrate the inner child healing.

Intuition- what is it?
3 hrs (10 am 1pm) $48 (taxes included)

We all have it. How to access it properly and utilize it for self empowerment. A fun game night as well showing you how easy it is.

Stay Extraordinary!!



The Omega Experience is an 11 week workshop that guides you in awakening to your true self. Based on the guided teachings channelled through to the healer Jason Light, these teachings train you to look at:


While understanding yourself and your purpose on this planet, you must first take the initial step towards shedding the skin of preconception and conditioning that builds and enhances the illusions of who and what you are. Then and only then can you step forward as your true self to take your place in the Universe. Over the next 11 weeks, we will cover a wide range of topics that will awaken you to:


For the moment just sit back, relax and take a few minutes to think about your life to date and what events and experiences have led you to where and who you are at this moment.
Recognize that regardless of whether you have viewed these experiences as a positive or a negative, all these experiences are just that — experiences, that have led you to this point, for without them you wouldn't be the person that you are now.
The Omega Experience is all about you and how to awaken to your true self, this knowledge will unfold itself slowly to you in an informal atmosphere of like minded souls.
During the 11 weeks, the group that you are in, will become your extended family.  You will begin the process of 'shedding', to open and share something of yourself each week. You will begin to leam about yourself as you leam about others by relating your experiences and knowledge of life.
You will then discover a bond, and it is that bond that will awaken you to your true self, bringing out your full potential and showing you that ANYTHING in this life is possible and attainable.

11 class workshop,
two days a week.
2 hours session,
$28.00 per class (taxes included)

You believe you have a power within you to move mountains.
Your soul KNOWS it has the power within you to move the world.

– Todd Acamesis